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Airport Operations Manager Hood Receives USCG Commendation

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12 Jan 2024

A red U.S. Coast Guard helicopter is hoisting a person during a rescue operation against a cloudy sky.

(North Bend, OR)  – Airport Operations Manager and ARFF Fire Chief, Bob Hood, has received the USCG Public Service Commendation for his work with the US Coast Guard as a rescue diver.  USCG Thirteenth District Commander, Rear Admiral Charles E. Fosse recognized Hood’s 24 years of selfless dedication and unparalleled commitment saying, “Over 615 crews are better trained, practiced, and proficient for any call they might receive. Mr. Hood’s actions are most heartily commended by the United States Coast Guard and are in keeping with the highest traditions of public service.”

A person is suspended from a cable over a deck with Coast Guard personnel watching.

Rear Admiral Fosse also recognized Hood’s 500 flight hours in all models of the H-65 Helicopter, 738 hoists, and 11 Search and Rescue cases during his time leading the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Dive Team. His other contributions cited included providing vital feedback and guidance on tactics, techniques, and procedures used for all aviation assets through the Coast Guard Aviation; and coordinating several hundred hot refueling operations supporting 250 SAR cases, resulting in 50 lives saved; holding 15 joint mishap drills, mass casualty exercises, tsunami table talks, and operation drills in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

Through the airport and its operations department, Hood also supported external load training for aircrews, provided constant oversight and airport facility maintenance, and additional opportunities for USCG training.

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USCG Station North Bend Commanding Officer Capt. Breanna Knutson, CMC Nicole Steele, and CXO Maegan Schwartz also presented the Airbus Aeria Virtutis Award. The award recognizes aerial heroism and exceptional skill while conducting a lifesaving mission in an Airbus Helicopter. The presentation was made before the entire on duty personnel, flight crews and pilots at the North Bend US Coast Guard Air Station.

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