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Fencing Install Completes Part Of Cargo Expansion

Empty airport apron, hangar, control tower, shadow of aircraft's tail.

24 Feb 2023

(North Bend, OR) – The acceptance of a fencing bid for the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport has moved the first phase of cargo expansion one step closer to completion. The Coos County Airport District (CCAD) Board of Commissioners approved the $76-thousand dollar bid from West Coast Fencing in Coos Bay at their meeting on February 23, 2023. Installation of the fence will secure the newly constructed apron area.

The fencing is a portion of the first phase that included the demolition of several antiquated buildings, ground preparation, and pouring of the concrete apron. Apron construction started just under a year ago following the demolition of several buildings in the previous year. Two of those buildings were defunct World War II-era structures.

At the February meeting, CCAD commissioners accepted and awarded the bid for the installation of nearly 1000 feet of security fencing. Once completed, the fencing will allow the apron to be used for cargo planes and General Aviation services. Currently, FedEx uses a converted hangar for its cargo operation. Private jets and other smaller aircraft visiting will find the expanded parking helpful.

The project completes a transitional phase of what ultimately will be the cargo facility. That will include an additional apron area, road realignment, and the design and construction of a cargo facility. That construction would likely be in the year 2024 with an estimated price tag of about $5.3 million dollars.

The airport apron is located off Colorado in North Bend near the large hangar. Once the fence is installed the apron will be considered “airside” which falls under aviation authority as a secured area. Airport officials expect the installation to be completed in May.

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