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North Bend’s Cancellation of Airport Agreement Won’t Affect Commercial Air Service

An empty airport security checkpoint area with signs, a closed notice from TSA, and stanchions.

05 Feb 2023

(North Bend, OR) – Passengers using commercial air service at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport will not notice any difference when the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Coos County Airport District (CCAD) and the City of North Bend terminates.

Executive Director, Theresa Cook says the termination was anticipated. “We’ll do what needs to be done to ensure that TSA Passenger callout coverage continues seamlessly. The Coos County Airport District’s highest priority is that commercial air service continues uninterrupted because we understand its importance for business travelers and tourists, meeting individual medical needs, and community commerce on the south coast.”

TSA operates checkpoints to screen passengers when they are boarding a commercial flight. The IGA covered those rare occasions when a callout to law enforcement was necessary. Cook says, “Over the last five years, the airport has seen an average of four callouts to the North Bend Police Department per year from the TSA.”

Airport administration received notification from the city the IGA would terminate in 90 days. The contract allows either entity to terminate the agreement by giving at least 30 days’ notice.

Thousands of passengers use the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport for safe, convenient, and efficient travel each year. TSA Passenger Screening occurs at all commercial airports, including the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport, which is one of only six in the State of Oregon. United Airlines currently operates weekly flights to San Francisco. Direct, non-stop flights to Denver are scheduled to begin May 7, 2023, and run through September 27, 2023, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

The airport is owned by the Coos County Airport District. For more information, contact the airport at (541) 756-8531 or visit

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